Transfer Pricing

July 23rd


NBR has adopted transfer pricing regulations/rules by incorporating a chapter on transfer pricing in Income Tax Ordinance (Chapter XIA) through Finance Act 2012. The aim of the new rules is to ensure that the profits taxable in Bangladesh are not transferred to foreign countries (especially in low-taxation countries) or understated (or losses overstated) by manipulating intra-company/related company transactions. Transfer pricing regulations in Bangladesh have been made effective from 1 July 2014. We offer full-range services in the area of transfer pricing which are stated below:
  • Assistancein identification of international transactions and preparation of statement of international transactions to be furnished before the tax authority in prescribed format
  • Assistance inpreparation and filing of reportfrom an Accountantin respect of international transactions, with the tax authority in prescribed format
  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing Study Report which documents the ‘function-asset-risk analysis’ undertaken in relation to the international transactions and the arm’s length price analysis undertaken in relation to the international transactions by applying appropriate methods
  • Assistance in resolving transfer pricing disputes at various level of the competent authority
  • Transfer pricing planning and policy determination
  • Other advisory services
  • Assistance in obtaining opinion in writing from Senior Counsel in relation to complex transfer pricing issues

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